Men of War II: Arena

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Men of War II: Arena is the next chapter in the series of strategy games in the World War II setting, now in the form of an online multiplayer game. This is where tactics, coordinated actions, ability to adapt and make quick but accurate decisions become the key to victory in every battle. Men of War II: Arena is for players, who miss action in strategy games and strive for a larger scope in tactical shooters. It is a part of the unique series with more than a decade of history, which has received a well-deserved multiplayer evolution.

The game is rough and highly realistic. The developers operated with the real performance characteristics of battle units and weapons. As a result, the game contains more than two hundred unique units, each designed for a specific role, whether it is scouting, assault or artillery support. The game also features the destruction of the environment, construction of fortifications and obstacles for enemy units. Such battles will be unforgettable!